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Ben Hatke - Wizards, Set of the Wanderers - Coaster
Vagabond Sorceress of the Northern Roads
Reynard the Retired
Madcap Wizard
Widow of the Outlands
The Performer

Ben Hatke - Wizards, Set of the Wanderers - Coaster

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This listing is for a coaster set of Ben Hatke's Inktober 2014 Wizards, the Set of the Persistent.

This set includes FIVE wizards, featuring:

Vagabond Sorceress, Reynard the Retired, Madcap Wizard, Widow of the East, and the Performer

***The Performer is an exclusive wizard, available only in this set and the Complete Set of Wizards*** 

More of Ben Hatke's work, as well as more information about the Wizards themselves, can be found at his website. You can also find him on Twitter and Tumblr.

Wooden coasters are about 3.5" square, with rounded corners. Wood type, finish, and appearance may vary. All items are individually made here in Lansdale, PA.